Do Ignition Interlock Devices Work When I’m Vaping Alcohol?

Vaping alcohol and ignition interlock breathalyzerA quick online search for odd ways to consume alcohol will turn up some very interesting ideas, none of which you should try at home… or anywhere else for that matter. Sometimes, drinking a beer or slurping a jello shot isn’t enough. We want variety, on example of which is like vaping alcohol. Because why not put alcohol into the body through the lungs, those organs that have historically been excluded from the digestive system?

Vaping alcohol pretty much guarantees you will set off your ignition interlock device or a police breathalyzer.

When you drink alcohol, once the beverage is eliminated from your mouth through the early part of the digestive process, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is minimal until your stomach and intestines take over. Once given the time to metabolize and process the alcohol, it remains in your blood, gradually dispersing through your breath until all the alcohol is removed and you sober up. That particular vapor is how your BAC sample proves that you have (or have not) been drinking.

On the other hand, when you are vaping alcohol, you are directly putting vaporized alcohol into your body… into your lungs. Those lungs are the same organs that contain a breath sample used to test the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed. You could just have the breathalyzer or ignition interlock run a BAC test on your vape at that point, because if you’re being tested while vaping alcohol, the breathalyzer will detect it.

Essentially, no matter how you consume alcohol, you’re going to have a positive BAC test. The air in your lungs doesn’t lie, and it doesn’t care how the alcohol got there, nor does law enforcement or an ignition interlock device. So please consume alcohol responsibly and never while driving, no matter which method you prefer.

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