How to Get Your Car Serviced With an Ignition Interlock

Car service and your car breathalyzerWhen you have a car and an ignition interlock requirement, even an oil change can get a little stressful. By now, you’ve already gotten accustomed to the process of blowing into the device to get a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading so you can drive. Then, you get that little notification that it’s time for service and your car has special needs only you can fulfill. Getting your car serviced with an ignition interlock isn’t a big deal, actually. You just have a few extra steps to take before you head to the lube shop.

In order to ensure you are in and out of your service appointment, here’s what you need to do for ignition interlock compliance:

  • Talk to your ignition interlock service provider first. They will know whether you need an affidavit for the mechanic or if you need to stay at the service station the entire time. Plus, they will note your service for the official record.
  • Make sure the mechanic knows the process. If you can leave your vehicle, the mechanic needs to know how to use the interlock for both your car service, and for the data that shows your excellent record of sober driving.
  • Ignition interlocks are fairly common now. If you have to stay to blow into the device, rest assured that your situation will be handled as delicately as possible. You’re not the first, nor will you be the last vehicle they see that needs to “blow to go.”

You have plenty to worry about after a drunk driving conviction, and especially when you have an ignition interlock requirement. The device makes life easier for you, however, and that definitely includes any period service or repair appointments. The point of an interlock is to keep your life moving ahead, and there’s no amount of car trouble that can really hold back your commitment to safe dr

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