Don’t Blow it, Mississippi! Your Bogus Breath Sample and Your Interlock

No bogus breath sample will work on a Mississippi ignition interlockFacing the music, so to speak, isn’t on anyone’s “Top 10” list of things to do, especially after a drunk driving conviction. There’s already the horror of knowing you put lives at risk, and that you’ve got tons of money to pay in fines, court costs and attorney fees. Then, in states like Mississippi, you’re probably also looking at an ignition interlock requirement that adds to your own personal nightmare. Some people reach a breaking point with a drunk driving conviction, where “enough is enough” seems the best response, especially where an interlock is concerned. But, when you reach that point, remember to breathe deeply – and never try to submit a bogus breath sample.

Mississippi OWI law has a special place for “bogus breath sample” restrictions, as in, you can’t fake out an interlock with bad air. Specifically, in Mississippi, a bogus breath sample means:

  • The breath sample you use with your ignition interlock must only be from your own lungs if you are driving the interlock-equipped vehicle.
  • You cannot fool an interlock with fake air, compressed air, a balloon of someone else’s air because the approved devices are smarter than that and will know the difference.
  • If you try a bogus breath sample, your device will record your “attempt at circumvention” and you’ll face more penalties.

Your personal interlock nightmare is nothing in comparison to the damage you could have caused when you were drinking and driving. Attempting to submit a bogus breath sample to your device is essentially saying you’re okay with putting lives at risk, again, and that you haven’t learned anything from your OWI in Mississippi. It is better to take your interlock requirement for what it is: a chance to resume your life as normally as possible while keeping a promise to everyone that you’ll always remain sober when driving.

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