Don’t Chance a New Mexico Aggravated DWI

That DWI in New Mexico is aggravating enoughDriving while intoxicated in New Mexico is a quick way to get into trouble, put others in danger, and be recognized for failing to make responsible choices while drinking, not to mention having an ignition interlock frustration in your immediate future. The first time you are convicted of DWI, you are given a little bit of slack by the court system, unless of course, there are aggravating circumstances surrounding your drunk driving conviction. An aggravated DWI in New Mexico is, in fact, a quick way to add on additional frustration to your life… not to mention putting yourself in a position where you are even more of a danger on the roads..

You will face aggravated DWI charges in New Mexico if you:

  • Refuse to take a chemical or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test when you are suspected of driving while intoxicated.
  • Cause injury to others due to your DWI, including passengers in your own car, as well as others you may injure during the course of the DWI.
  • Register a BAC reading at or above .16 percent – twice the legal limit in New Mexico.

Since an aggravated DWI is obviously more dangerous, the consequences you face will go further than just a “slap on the wrist” and an ignition interlock requirement. You will have all of the other DWI requirements as defined by New Mexico law, plus, you will have additional jail time to serve. There is no “good” DWI in New Mexico, and really, any time you attempt to drive while intoxicated, you are risking your life and the lives of others. But, when you take that a step further and aggravate the situation, the consequences you will face will be a lot more difficult than if you had just made a decision to find a safe ride home.

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