Drunk Driving and the Skinny Drink Connection

ignition interlockNobody can go an hour without hearing the latest diet trend or newest way to make ourselves feel more physically attractive through dieting or exercising. Still, so many people love to drink a few cocktails with friends, and those drinks can really pack on the calories and fat. We’ve all seen ads for light beers and drinks that promise not to pack on the pounds, but, new beverages promise a “skinny” alternative to our martinis, margaritas and mojitos, promises that can lead to drunk driving, ignition interlock requirements and more.

A “skinny” vodka or rum drink can be a go-to beverage for a lot of people, and especially women. Lower calories are always a good thing, until the alcohol takes over and we think that less calories equals more leeway to order another drink. The amount of alcohol isn’t necessarily lowered like the calorie content in the drinks, and even if we’re consuming fewer calories, our blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the same. So, we’re trading a chance at feeling skinny for a more likely outcome: drunk driving.

The artificial sweeteners in skinny drinks are a suspected culprit in the feeling that “one for the road” won’t hurt. A lot of these cocktails are mixed with carbonated liquids, as well, adding to the fast “buzz” that can lead to feeling one more drink can’t hurt. A few “skinny” drinks in a short period of time can be worse than a full-calorie binge drinking session because of the combination of chemicals can lead to a false sense of security in your sobriety. From there, dangerous decisions like drunk driving are more likely to occur, with consequences that are more than regrettable: they could be life-changing.

Low-calorie drinks are great for anyone who is looking to stay healthy, even those served at a bar. While ads may portray a glamorous, svelte figure and evening of fun and “skinny” enchantment, the truth is that these drinks could lead to more dangerous situations than anyone wants. As with all drinks, skinny or not, drinking responsibly is the best way to remain safe. Maintaining a skinny life doesn’t mean you put your life or others in danger; it just requires the same common sense as anyone else sitting at the bar.

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