Drunk Driving Takes Police from their Families and Friends During the Holidays

drunk drivingEach year, instead of spending precious moments with friends, family and loved ones during the holiday season, our first-responders are often faced with the destruction that a drunk driving accident can cause. When you choose to drink and then drive, you are not only putting your life in danger, but the lives of others. That situation can quickly grow to affect police, EMTs, firefighters, nurses, doctors and more. Since the holiday season historically has the most drunk driving accidents, less people are able to spend time with their families; the same time that many drunk drivers take for granted by drinking and driving.

This holiday season, sober driving is the best present you can give to yourself, your family and to the men and women who sacrifice their own time and lives to keep us all safe. By staying sober behind the wheel, you are helping to keep the streets safe, and at the very least, reducing the tragedies that first-responders must see during these weeks. We cannot expect less of a police presence during this time, but, we can make it much less traumatic for everyone just by finding a sober ride home.

It is true that not all drunk driving accidents end with injuries or worse. Many times, a drunk driver is stopped before he or she can cause an accident, later ending up with a criminal conviction, ignition interlock device and plenty of fines to pay. But, for the 40% of traffic deaths attributed to drunk drivers during the holidays, there is no other choice than to drive sober during the holidays. Nobody wants to be reminded of the loss of a loved one during this time, and we owe the police and all other first-responders the gift of a peaceful holiday season. Showing our gratitude for the services of these men and women by remaining sober behind the wheel should happen throughout the year, but, perhaps the holiday season is the best time to start.

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