Why Should You Want an Ignition Interlock Device?

ignition interlockDrunk driving laws exist for a reason: to keep everyone safe. A car or other vehicle is a heavy object that travels at high speeds, and it requires a person who is not under the influence of alcohol to operate it. When you drink and drive, you put lives at risk. That’s why you end up with a drunk driving conviction and the requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed.

Nobody really asks to have an ignition interlock device, but, there are plenty of benefits to having one on your car if you’ve been convicted of driving while intoxicated:

  • You’re driving your own car, not relying on others or public transportation to get around.
  • You’re proving your commitment to sober driving.
  • You’re saving money by staying home more and not running up bar tabs, knowing you can’t drink and drive.
  • You’re able to work and continue earning your paycheck.

In truth, an ignition interlock device can benefit you in many ways, but, perhaps its most important value is that you’re sober when driving. After you were convicted of driving while intoxicated, you had to face a lot of consequences, both in court and within your personal and professional life. Your conviction was a sign that you had to make some hard decisions and positive changes in life before you ended up in a worse situation. By using your ignition interlock device, you are reaffirming your promise to never drive drunk again, and you are showing others that even a bad decision can be turned around into a positive experience for everyone.

Since your ignition interlock requirement won’t last forever, keep in mind that while the device is installed, it helps you keep your freedom to drive and that you’ve learned your lesson about never driving under the influence of alcohol again. People make mistakes, and people can change. Your ignition interlock device is an important part of that process.


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