Dry January: The No-DUI Starter Month of 2016

Dry January means less DUIEvery year, we make New Year’s resolutions. Every year, we struggle with following through with those resolutions. Life takes over, complicates our good intentions and by the end of January, we’re already seeing our resolve weaken. “Dry January” has long been held as a compromise between a New Year’s resolution and the reality of quitting drinking – if you can go the month of January without drinking, then you’re on the road to health and recovery after the holidays. As a side effect, there are far fewer DUIs for people who don’t drink alcohol… making “Dry January” the perfect No-DUI starter month for safe roads everywhere.

By now, you’ve already seen the benefit to “drying up” for the month:

  • You’re saving money.
  • Your body is in better shape.
  • You have less regrettable texts to re-read the next morning.
  • You’re also serving as an example to everyone who wants to know the best way to avoid a DUI, ignition interlock requirement and other penalties.
  • Plus, you’ve got bragging rights… and everyone loves to brag. You may even think you can keep it up for the next month, if not for the next year! YOU GO!

We just want to say how impressed we are with you, and if you plan to continue your winning streak against alcohol, we support your dedication. If you plan to pick up where you left off in February, we still think you’re swell – and we know you’ll continue to be responsible when you do drink again!

Not drinking alcohol is a personal decision that has many benefits, but so does drinking responsibly. If you have been a part of “Dry January” then you have already taken an important step in changing your life, and the lives of others. Once February arrives, give yourself props for a job well done, and consider the great strides you’ve made for yourself and for promoting a healthy relationship with alcohol!

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