DUI Detective: Missouri Place of Last Drink

Missouri DUI detectives and your place of last drinkThere are a wide variety of DUI prevention tactics that law enforcement can use that include awareness campaigns, DUI sobriety checkpoints, and stricter laws. In Missouri, a person’s place of last drink can even be part of the solution to preventing drunk driving.

DUI detectives collect related drunk driving information in order to fully serve the community.

Place of last drink is a relatively new practice for law enforcement across the country, yet it can be effective in educating the community about drunk driving. Massachusetts and Iowa already use the program with the purpose of discovering which bars or restaurants may not be looking out for public safety. During a traffic stop, if you are suspected of DUI, you could be asked where you were last drinking, among other questions. If enough people indicate a certain establishment was the place they had their last drink, that establishment may be visited by law enforcement to explain the laws and problems from serving alcohol to those who may then choose to drive.

While you may not feel you have any obligation to reveal the places you were drinking, remember that any DUI traffic stop requires you to follow the Missouri implied consent laws. By refusing to answer questions, you could prompt a closer investigation of your sobriety.

Refusing the breathalyzer means you’re in violation, too, with an immediate suspension of your license and a possible ignition interlock requirement.

Remember that law enforcement is just trying to help keep drunk drivers off the roads, and if that means you rat out your favorite bar, perhaps they need a refresher on the laws and dangers they are helping you break. It isn’t such a big deal to name the places that let you drink and drive, the biggest deal is that you ended up in that situation to begin with.

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