DUI Proof Your New Year, For Life

dui proof new yearOne more year is ending, with the hopes and promises of a clean slate beginning on Tuesday. We are not here to beat a dead horse, or to sit upon our high horse. In fact, horses and drunk driving really do not have a lot in common. What we do want to remind everyone of is that each year, and each day, we all have a choice to make when we have been drinking: whether or not we can drive safely.

One in three traffic-related fatalities are attributed to drunk drivers, a statistic that has not budged much in the past few years. We have watched as states increase penalties for drunk driving, expand their ignition interlock access laws, and increase the training and presence of law enforcement. Still, that number remains pretty much the same. The only reasonable conclusion we can come to is that we are not doing enough to prevent drunk driving. We are not stopping our friends and family, and we are not stopping ourselves.

This year, let’s DUI proof our lives, for our family, friends, and loved ones, and for everyone on the roads.

Drunk driving is a choice. It is a 100% preventable crime that destroys lives. You may be too non-confrontational to take away the keys of a friend who has had too many drinks, or you may be too embarrassed to ask for a ride home when you have been drinking. However, each of those choices you make can devastate the lives of others. Being DUI proof means you do not care how it looks when you call for a safe ride home, you only care that people (including you) get home safely.

Drunk driving is one of those choices you can not change, and you cannot take it back. Be smart and safe, DUI proof your New Year and your life, and be the change we all need to see in the world.

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