Handcuffs: Are They Worth the Drunk Driving Risk?

Drunk driving has more than handcuffs as a riskIt might be a simplified question, considering that handcuffs are the least of the problems in any drunk driving incident. However, it does have an important visual, and for some, a painful memory. Each year, lives are affected and changed forever by drunk driving, with the “handcuffs” as a symbol for both the drunk driving offender, and the pain felt by the families that must live on after a loved one has been hurt or injured by a drunk driver.

  • Those handcuffs aren’t worth you slamming back “one for the road” before you head home.
  • You’re not any better at driving with a few drinks in you than you would be driving while handcuffed.
  • There’s no honor in being handcuffed, there’s no pride in riding in the back of a police car.
  • The handcuffs may eventually come off of your wrists, but, for the families affected by your actions, they’re shackled for life.


Drunk driving is a choice that begins to occur long before you head out for a drink. You can plan ahead to be a responsible driver. You can avoid a drunk driving conviction, the court costs, jail time, an ignition interlock requirement, and that handcuffed procession through it all by having a plan. Find a designated driver, call a taxi or a ride share service, or just stay at home if you plan to drink.  Handcuffs may be the least of YOUR worries if you choose to drink and drive, but, for the rest of the people on the road, you are the biggest worry of all.

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