Happy Holidays, Healthy Choices, and No DUIs

Happy Holidays Mean Healthy Choices and No DUIEach year we are faced with the happy holiday season of celebration and the understanding that there is a New Year ahead. This combination of blowing off steam and preparing to do better can be cleansing, full of promise, and a little unnerving to those who WANT to make changes, but who aren’t ready to do a complete 180 in terms of life choices. For us, Happy Holidays mean balance and making healthy choices, not giving up on all of the good stuff we’ve grown to love over the year or years.

Whether you are celebrating Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas or any other holiday this month, you can make one choice that nobody can argue with: the choice to never drink and drive.

It is rare that a person sets out to drink and drive. That decision is usually one that occurs in the moment, well after a few drinks have been consumed and the intoxicating effects have impaired reason. Healthy choices mean that before we leave for the party, we decide that we will not drink, we will set up a designated driver, or we will have the number of a taxi or rideshare service ready for when the party ends. Those are all choices we can make, healthy choices, that will not only keep the festive feelings flowing, but will frankly just keep us all alive. There aren’t many choices that are that healthy.

This month has the most DUI arrests than any other time of the year, but we can all change that.

We wish all of our readers a wonderful holiday season, where the cups are overflowing with good tidings, good times, and the good sense to find a safe way home after celebrating. You don’t want to begin the New Year with a DUI, ignition interlock requirement, or worse, so make sure your choices reflect the kind of person you want to be.

Happy Holidays from Ignition Interlock Help!

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