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Ignition Interlock Devices in Florida: What Kind Do I Need?As 2014 comes to an end, many of us are looking back and deciding that it is time to make some pretty big changes in life. New Year’s resolutions are important for everyone, even if they’re not met, because they represent faith in positive changes for us and the world around us. As we head into 2015, let’s all remember that one resolution always needs to be kept:  the promise to not drink and drive.

Responsible drinkers always have a safe ride home, and don’t allow friends to drink and drive. There are plenty of legal reasons to stay sober while driving in 2015, including ignition interlock requirements, but it is the personal impact that is made when we choose to call a taxi that has the biggest effect. The lives lost or permanently damaged by drunk driving are all avoidable, and together, we can all make those promises to be safe on the roads.

Whether you are celebrating at home or out with friends, take a few minutes and be sure that you are acting responsibly. Offer to be a designated driver for your friends and loved ones, plan on overnight guests when the festivities include alcohol or just have a list of numbers for taxi services and “sober ride” programs.

2015 could be the year when drinking and driving is no longer a risk factor for anyone on the roads. As we all join together and lift our glasses in celebration of new beginnings, let’s remember that by remaining sober behind the wheel, those celebrations will continue to mark each year’s successes in all areas of our lives.

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