Safe Drinking Tips for Your New Year’s
Eve Celebration

drinking and drivingHolidays can be great, especially the night before the “big day.” For many, a holiday is a day off from work, meaning that the evening opens up to more time with friends, and maybe a few more drinks to celebrate. Then, there is the holiday evening to beat all holiday evenings: New Year’s Eve. The last night of the year gives us a chance to not only leave behind the past, in a sense, but welcome in the fresh start of a brand new year. Unfortunately, New Year’s celebrations often go wrong when alcohol is involved and the most festive night of the year quickly turns into the most dangerous night of the year.

Technically, it isn’t New Year’s Eve that is as dangerous as the early morning hours of New Year’s day. Since the festivities build up to the moment when the clock strikes at midnight, most of the drinking happens before that moment, and then shortly thereafter. Then, it is time to get home and face the day, and year, with a fresh attitude full of promise for the months to come.

If you will be celebrating the New Year and drinking alcohol, remember the following:

  • Any amount of alcohol can impair your ability to drive, even just one glass of champagne at midnight.
  • Having a designated driver means that you won’t have to scramble for a sober drive home when you’re already intoxicated and tired from all the fun you’re having.
  • There are plenty of “sober ride” services available through local organizations, or, you can call a taxi to get you home safely.
  • Being a good friend sometimes means you don’t let others make mistakes like drinking and driving.

Since drinking can quickly lead to a drunk driving conviction, there are plenty of ways to celebrate safely. Nobody wants to start off the New Year with a court date or ignition interlock requirement, and by planning for a safe celebration, we are all sure to have plenty of festive holidays for years to come.

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