The High Cost of a Colorado DUI

How much does a Colorado DUI cost?Wallet in hand, you turn to a room full of people and pull out $10,000 with a frown. You watch as the group holds out their hands to take your hard-earned money and sigh. How this moment happened is still a blur, all you remember is that you were drinking with friends and now you have to pay the price… like you’re stuck in a bad dream and you cannot wake up.

This isn’t a dream, this is the high cost of a Colorado DUI.

A Colorado DUI is a serious crime, whether it is your first offense, or if you have a habit of drinking and driving; lives could be lost, or forever changed. That’s no way to live your life, and nobody deserves to be the victim of your “one for the road.” As such, a first-offense DUI in Colorado will be a painful financial lesson, to the tune of $10,000 or more.

A Colorado DUI costs so much because you now have to pay:

  • Higher insurance premiums.
  • Court costs.
  • Attorney fees.
  • Alcohol education classes and treatment evaluation costs.
  • Probation supervision fees.
  • Car breathalyzer or ignition interlock fees.
  • License reinstatement fees and more.

While a Colorado DUI is an expensive way to learn responsible drinking, once it is over, you can look forward to a better future where you understand the error of your ways. You can make better decisions when out with friends, and be an example of positive change for everyone. There is only one way to avoid the high cost of a Colorado DUI, and that is to always be sober when driving. No worries about your finances, and no bad dreams. Just a promising future that lets you keep your money where it should be, and the roads safe from a risky, intoxicated driver.

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