Losing Your Maryland Ignition Interlock

Don't lose your Maryland ignition interlockWhen you drink and drive in Maryland, the odds are that you’ll have an ignition interlock requirement once the dust settles, and sometimes even before then. Both the Maryland judicial system and the Motor Vehicle Administration (MDMVA) can require that you install an ignition interlock on your car after your DUI/DWI arrest and after your conviction. After that, you have the responsibility of remaining sober when driving, especially since you don’t want to lose your ignition interlock device.

It takes some work to actually lose an ignition interlock device, according to Maryland law. You could potentially lose your ignition interlock within a year if you register four or more test failures for a BAC that is over the device’s set limit. In other words, if you drink alcohol and try to drive with your ignition interlock four or more times, you’ll be removed from the program and you will no longer be able to drive. The good news is that the first, second and third time you fail your ignition interlock test because you’ve been drinking, you won’t lose the device. You’ll just have your time requirement extended.

Of course, you could just “do your time” with the device and move on with your life. That’s the easiest way to “lose” your ignition interlock, and the smartest. Since you were already convicted of drinking and driving, the effort you put forth to lose your ignition interlock the “right” way shows your dedication to sober driving, and that’s what the court and the MDMVA (and the rest of us) want to see. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes the consequences are harsh. But, with an ignition interlock and the understanding of your actions, you can take those consequences and turn your life around after a drunk driving conviction.

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