Ignition Interlock Violations Could Cost You

ignition interlockThere are few things a judge dislikes more than a direct violation of a court order, and if you have been convicted of drunk driving, you certainly don’t want to risk any further consequences. In fact, you probably want to forget the whole thing ever happened, which is why it’s so important to comply with all aspects of your court order, including the ignition interlock requirement.

Since an ignition interlock device is seen as a compromise that lets you keep driving while ensuring the court that you’re sober, the last thing you should do is violate that order. By not installing the ignition interlock, tampering with the device or otherwise not using it as ordered by the court, you could face any of the following:

  • A longer ignition interlock requirement.
  • Full suspension of your driving privileges.
  • Higher court fines or insurance costs.
  • Impounding of your vehicle.
  • Felony drunk driving charges.
  • Contempt of court.
  • Jail time.

Violating your ignition interlock order only shows that you haven’t taken your conviction seriously and that you could possibly drive while intoxicated again. On the other hand, an ignition interlock proves to the court that you are serious about remaining sober behind the wheel. There is a lot of trust that goes along with an ignition interlock device, and by violating that order, you violate the trust of the court and the public in general. You don’t want to be that person, especially after a drunk driving conviction.

An ignition interlock gives you a chance to get your life back on track and there is no reason not to follow the requirements of installing, using and maintaining the device. With each breath, you are showing that you are serious about remaining sober while driving and one step closer to putting the past behind you.

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