Ignition Interlocks for First-Time DUI Offenders in Connecticut

ignition interlockA first-time drunk driving offender has reportedly driven drunk around 80 times prior to being convicted, creating a dangerous situation for anyone on the roads today. In Connecticut, however, this problem is being addressed through a new first-time DUI offender ignition interlock law. According to seattlepi.com, a recent bill in Connecticut has passed through the state’s General Assembly and is waiting to be signed into law by the Governor. This bill focuses on first-time DUI offenders, and will require the installation of an ignition interlock device on a vehicle after a 45-day suspension. Because ignition interlock devices remove the ability for a convicted DUI offender to drive while intoxicated, this bill will help reduce the number of drunk drivers who still choose to drive while intoxicated, even after a DUI conviction. Read more here: DUI charge would mean ignition lock under new bill

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