Ignition Interlocks Solve Problems!

Got an ignition interlock? Problem solved!We all want an “easy button” to make all the problems and struggles in life just go away. Imagine how many issues could be solved by a little technology that takes care of our biggest worries and stresses, and how nice it would be to be 100 percent sure it would do that job each time. If you think about it, it is amazing what technology can do, really, and if an “easy button” was available to stop a drunk driver, why wouldn’t we use it?

We do, we call that “easy button” an ignition interlock, because it solves the problem of drunk drivers:

  • Ignition interlocks solve problems by preventing an intoxicated person from starting a vehicle, and then by monitoring their alcohol consumption the entire time the vehicle is in motion. Ignition interlock devices collect data about the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and other information that can point to device tampering or circumvention. If an offender is not driving an ignition interlock equipped vehicle enough, the device acts as a “red flag” to indicate they may be driving another car, illegally, and possibly headed for another drunk driving incident.

We all depend on technology to keep us safe, and we can’t think of a better reason to be so captivated by gadgets than an “easy button” ignition interlock. By using the devices, we are solving problems that only a drunk driver can cause, before there are any stresses or worries to confront in the aftermath. Interlocks take the guesswork out of the hands of an intoxicated driver, eliminating the chance of causing more problems with any future drunk driving incidents. They teach healthy habits with alcohol and give us all a real example of the problems we’ll face if we choose to drink and drive. Ignition interlocks solve problems each day, not by pushing a button, but by keeping the streets safe from drunk drivers.

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