Horse Sense and Your Missouri DWI

Can you get a DWI on a horse?For most people, one DWI is enough to get them on the road to responsible drinking, especially since a DWI comes at such high financial and emotional costs. But, there are also those offenders that make us wonder if they get the lesson of a DWI; that it doesn’t matter what kind of “vehicle” you’re driving, you shouldn’t be intoxicated while at the helm. Missouri’s DWI laws are clear about the penalties for drinking and driving, but, what if there’s a horse being “driven,” and not a car?

Not a lot, it seems, at least not for this man in Clay County. It seems that in light of his pending DWI case in Missouri, he chose to ride his horse while intoxicated, steering clear of another DWI while raising questions about his “horse sense” when it comes to drinking and driving. In some states, the “vehicle” used in the course of a drunk driving incident may not matter, and the “driver” could get charged for their actions. In this case, the man was taken back to his house without further disruption, allowing him to wake up the next day at home, where his horse was probably pretty miffed at his actions.

If you’re convicted of DWI in Missouri, you may be eligible for limited driving privileges, but those privileges shouldn’t include a horse or any other animal you can “drive.” Instead, you should consider that you get to drive your own car again, as long as you have an ignition interlock installed and fulfill any other requirements of your DWI conviction. Once you’re back on the road to recovery from a DWI, you’ll be glad you left your horse at home and learned more responsible drinking habits, making the streets safer for other drivers and the animals we all love to ride.

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