I’m Ready to Remove My Missouri Interlock

Let's remove your Missouri interlock!At the beginning of your DWI journey in Missouri, you probably felt like you were trudging up a mountain of frustration. You went to court, maybe more than once. You spent time in line at the DMV. You paid fines, court costs and you even had an ignition interlock device installed on your car. Then, you made sure you were totally compliant with the court, that you never touched a drop of alcohol if you knew you had to drive. You put in all of the effort and now, you’re looking at that special day on your calendar: the day you have your Missouri ignition interlock removed!

Just a few things to keep in mind, now that the end is in sight:

  • Paperwork is important: you need to make sure your ignition interlock service provider has all of the paperwork from the state, your probation officer and any other interested parties to allow the legal removal of your device.
  • Stick with the program. Just because you’re about to have your interlock removed, you don’t have to try to tempt fate. A violation is a violation, even in those last days or weeks, and you could be starting all over again, just as the end is near.
  • Learn your lessons. While you were using your ignition interlock, you had no choice but to remain sober when driving, or face further consequences. Take those lessons with you after the device is removed, and you’ll never face the same frustrations again!

Always remember that the only way to remove your ignition interlock device is through your service provider. Attempting to remove it yourself will only result in a violation of your court order, after which you could lose all of the privileges you gained with the device, a revocation of your license or worse.

Congratulations on reaching the end of your Missouri ignition interlock requirement, and may you have many happy, sober miles ahead!

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