Keep Your Head in the Game this Super Bowl Sunday

Celebrate the Super Bowl with responsible drinking!Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, with the usual crowds at sports bars or at private parties held in homes across the country. The world seems to stop for the big game each year, leaving the day after to clean up the DUI damage done by dangerous drivers. This year, the Super Bowl turns 50, and with that age should come some wisdom. We know better, so let’s DO better this year! That means that while we are getting our game time snacks together, we need to keep our heads in the game and drink responsibly.

It is a team effort to reduce or eliminate drunk driving, and there’s no better time to be reminded of our choice to drive while intoxicated than Super Bowl Sunday. As much as we can rely on ignition interlock devices and other consequences for a DUI, the challenge really starts with us. If we’re not sure whether we are sober enough to drive, we should call a taxi. If our friend seems a little too loopy after “last call” then we need to find them a safe ride home. Super Bowl Sunday reminds us that each year, we can have fun and still stay safe while doing so.

You don’t want to risk a DUI or drunk driving conviction after the big game, especially with so much on the line (like a DUI conviction and an ignition interlock requirement) once you head home. If you will be drinking, please do so responsibly – choose a “sipper bowl” strategy for the night, or just be a team player and save your drinking for another night. You could end up being the MVP of the game and helping your intoxicated friends find a way home, or just assuring your own safe return after the game has ended.

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