How Does the Interstate Driver’s License Compact Affect You?

Interstate Driver’s License Compact Since each state in the U.S. has individual laws governing driving privileges, as well as vehicle-related convictions, there are many reasons for those states to also share important information across the state lines to ensure the safety of all drivers. Because of these reasons, and more, the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC) was established in the 1960s to ensure that states better work together to keep all roads safe from those who may have been convicted of a driving violation.

Today, 45 of 50 states participate in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact to varying degrees. If you are convicted of a vehicle-related incident in a different state from which you reside, that information will most likely be reported in accordance with the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. This ensures your home state has the most accurate picture of your driving history, and will count against any further incidents in your home state. In fact, there are some conditions where a moving violation will be shared between the “home” or residential state and the state in which the violation occurred, and both states could potentially penalize the offender.

The five states that do not participate in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact are Georgia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Michigan. However, Massachusetts does participate in the Driver’s License Agreement (DLA) that not only reports moving violations, but, it also reports other vehicle-related incidents that are not related to driving (tinted windows, for example). Despite the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, each state still has its own method of reporting and accounting for moving violations inside and outside of the state lines. Always be sure to check with your state, and any state in which you may be driving, to fully understand the variances in the laws.

With the ability to share information continually improving within the court systems and law enforcement channels, it is a natural consequence that states will share any type of criminal activity or convictions. The Interstate Driver’s License Compact proves that the days of hiding a DUI or other criminal offense are quickly coming to an end, helping to increase the safety of drivers across the country.

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