Keeping Sober and Safe with your Smartphone

sober apps smartphoneThese days, it seems like everyone has a smartphone. With the variety of features and apps available, smartphones can definitely add more fun to your life. Business owners have found that they make life a little more enriching with attachable devices available for use anywhere a smartphone receives service. So, it should come as little surprise that, now, devices and apps are available for anyone interested in keeping sober and safe with your smartphone.

Currently, there are three smartphone breathalyzers on the market. These devices offer you the ability to check your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) before you make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle. Used in conjunction with the appropriate apps, these devices take your breath sample and information such as weight, gender, and number of drinks to give you an approximation of your BAC. This feedback can then be used to make decisions about driving or getting a ride. One of the devices will even call a taxi for you if your BAC is too high.

Responsible drinking is easier than you may think. Keeping sober and safe with your smartphone is not only a respectable thing to do; it’s a simple thing to do. By investing in a small device, small enough to fit in your jeans pocket or on your keychain, you will be able to keep up with how your drinking habits affect your inebriation levels. The devices are also fun and offer useful data for keeping track of your habits and comparing with friends. You may even be able to share your information with others through social media outlets.

While many people make the responsible choice to never drive if they have been drinking alcohol, many other people feel just as responsible by knowing that when they drive, they are well under the legal limit. With the National Transportation Safety Board suggesting that states lower the legal BAC limit from .08 to .05, keeping sober and safe with your smartphone by using these devices and apps has never been a more timely decision. It is not uncommon for people to overestimate their ability to know when they have had too much to drive. These devices and apps take the guesswork out of drinking and driving.

Smartphones are everywhere. If you don’t have one and enjoy drinking an alcoholic beverage every now and then, breathalyzer devices might be a good reason to invest in one. Thanks to these devices, keeping sober and safe with your smartphone is both easy and fun. And, they are also much cheaper than getting arrested for driving under the influence.

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