The Last Designated Driver You Want is a
Police Officer

ignition interlockWhen it comes to finding a safe ride home after a night of drinking, there are plenty of people who can easily fit that bill. You can have an agreement with your best friend to trade designated driver nights, or have scheduled a taxi to come and pick you up at a certain time. Drinking responsibly starts before you take your first sip, and by having a designated driver in place, you can safely enjoy a night out with friends. But, not all designated drivers are created equally and there are definitely a few you should stay away from, no matter what.

Top 5 people you probably don’t want as your designated driver:

  • Your Boss. Unless you’re not too concerned with your annual work evaluation.
  • Your Ex. For many reasons, including having to be with your ex when you’re intoxicated.
  • Your Kid. Setting a good example means your kid learns to be a designated driver for friends, not you.
  • Anyone Else Who Has Been Drinking. Statistics show that a designated driver is often the person who has had the least amount to drink. They could still be drunk, however, and put your life at risk.
  • The Police. While they may offer you a ride in a car, we’re pretty sure it won’t be to your home.

A designated driver is a reliable person who understands that a drunk driving conviction, ignition interlock requirement or the possibility of a fatal accident are not anyone’s idea of a good time. When choosing your designated driver, keep in mind that the best way to get home safely is to have a plan in place before you even leave to go out. Don’t rely on the kindness of strangers, or a friend who promises to only drink “a little” at the party. Always have a plan to make sure you end up home, safe in bed, and not cruising around in the back of a cruiser, heading straight to jail.

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