Letting Family and Friends Use Your Ignition Interlock

Your family can use your ignition interlockAn ignition interlock device gives you the ability to drive after a drunk driving conviction. In exchange, you just provide a breath sample that proves you are not intoxicated before you start driving, and while the vehicle is in motion. As far as your life returning back to normal after your conviction, your best shot is with an ignition interlock device.

So, what if a friend or a family member wants to borrow your car, just as they’ve always done?

Just like normal, your spouse, child, friend or neighbor can still drive your car, as long as they understand they have to follow the same process you do with your interlock device.

Once you get the hang of how to use your ignition interlock, you can go through the same training you did with anyone who wants to drive your vehicle. If you are nervous about any inaccurate test results as they get used to the process, you can always take them to your ignition interlock service provider and have them help with the training. That way, the data recorded from your device will be accurate and can be verified as a learning curve, not put in your official record. Keep in mind that as long as a test doesn’t include a breath sample where alcohol was detected, you (and everyone else) should be good to go, no matter what.

As long as your family and friends are sober while driving your vehicle, your ignition interlock is not a problem.

A drunk driving conviction is serious business and its great that you’re committed to a full rehabilitation with your ignition interlock. It may not seem all that “normal” at first, but once you get the hang of your ignition interlock device, you and everyone else will just see it as another regular part of life.

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