Looking for Lower Ignition Interlock Costs in New Mexico?

Are there low-cost ignition interlock options in New Mexico?One of the biggest complaints about an ignition interlock device are the costs associated with the installation, monitoring and calibration of the device. But when you consider the benefits that a DWI offender receives by using the device, those costs are pretty easy to swallow. Or that’s what we would like to think. Unfortunately, the cost of an ignition interlock device in New Mexico, even when broken down into dollars per day, can still be too much for many DWI offenders. Those numbers quickly add up and can discourage an offender from making responsible choices once the conviction is final.

All hope is not lost. New Mexico does have an option for low-income residents who have been ordered to install an ignition interlock device after a DWI. Once you qualify for the ignition interlock indigent device fund, your rate is reduced and you can head back on the road to recovery without worrying about stretching your paycheck even further. That ignition interlock device is your ticket to freedom, and all you have to do is submit a breath sample to prove your sobriety behind the wheel. That means that in exchange for a clean blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading, you can still drive yourself back and forth to work to earn your paycheck, care for family members who need transportation and make it to medical appointments, court hearings, etc., even with a DWI conviction.

The benefits of an ignition interlock may outweigh its cost, but that doesn’t mean everyone can afford the device. Fortunately, even though a reduction in those costs may not be in New Mexico’s future, there are still alternatives for those who can really use a financial helping hand after a DWI. With options for low-income residents and the feeling of freedom an ignition interlock provides, the costs may be more of an investment in the future.


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