5 Minutes of Internet Fame and a DWI

Live streaming a DWI is a drunken distractionDrunk, distracted and drowsy driving are all big dangers on our roads. So, let’s make sure we understand the basics of driving safety and the risks of a DWI, just as a refresher. After all, it is Friday and we’re all about to relax a bit from the week. Maybe we’ll meet up with friends, check out a new bar or hit up happy hour. We will also have our smartphones with us, so we are connected with each other through texts and apps. Plus, nothing proves how awesome a weekend is like Tweeting, Facebooking or live-streaming the fun, right?

It’s true. Just don’t be the guy who live-streams his “fun” DWI drive.

Live-streaming on Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat or any similar app has its place in our Internet culture. But, as with any moment of intoxication and social media – you need to think before you drink. Then, you really need to think before you drink and drive… and when you’re broadcasting your journey, you should know that people are going to report you and you’ll be arrested. Granted, your broadcast probably saved a life on the road, or at least kept property damage to a minimum, but there are better ways to earn your Internet fame.

Like, Pinterest. Or, Untappd. Just be sure you are not driving when using either of those apps, too.

The moral of the story is that when you are driving, you need to be driving responsibly. That means you are sober and avoiding a DWI, the hassle of court, an ignition interlock requirement and the financial burdens of the “$10,000 Ride.” You are not using your smartphone or texting, and you are free from any other distractions that could put you or others at risk on the road. Internet fame is fleeting, and there is no amount of live-streaming that can make up for the danger you become when you are drowsy, drunk or distracted behind the wheel of your car.

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