Lose the Loophole: Missouri Ignition Interlock Exemption

Missouri ignition interlock employment exemptionWhen you have a Missouri DWI you likely have a Missouri ignition interlock device, so that you can keep your job and any other obligations moving along. In some cases your job may require you to drive a company-owned vehicle, which leaves you in a bit of a pickle. You are not supposed to drive any vehicle unless it has an interlock installed, but you do not own the vehicle your boss needs you to drive. When you are a business owner, that may seem like a pretty easy way to get out of an interlock requirement.

However, a new bill has been introduced in the Missouri legislature that closes that tempting loophole, leaving you with the same problem as everyone else… and no chance at a Missouri ignition interlock employment exemption.

Missouri ignition interlock devices are required for some first-time and all second or subsequent DWI offenses. Offenders who wish to install the device may be eligible for an interlock license through the DMV.

Currently, anyone can be eligible for the Missouri ignition interlock employment exemption, if their job requires driving a company vehicle. If allowed by the court, a DWI offender can have their employer sign an affidavit that affirms they understand all about the drunk driving conviction and restrictions placed on their employee. On top of that, they take responsibility for their employee who must drive a company vehicle during work hours. For business owners or self-employed individuals, taking that responsibility is basically allowing a pass on the ignition interlock device.

Ignition interlocks only work if they are used, and if there is nothing stopping a convicted offender from drinking and driving again, they could easily re-offend. By closing up this loophole for self-employed or business owners in Missouri, we are all granted the peace of mind of safer streets and DWI offenders who cannot get around the consequences of their actions.

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