Weird DUI: Mosquito Bites and your BAC

weird dui mosquitoIf only there was some way to really know whether are safe to drive after sharing a few drinks with friends. Aside from the obvious breathalyzer test or common sense, that is. If only we were given a sign that would tell us how much alcohol was in our system before we make that buzzed decision to get behind the wheel and drive home.

According to science, we are in luck. A documented, yet weird DUI premonition can come from those pesky bloodsuckers who come to feast at dusk. Mosquitos, it seems, are more attracted to those who are under the influence of alcohol than those who prefer a more sober summer style.

That is a buzz we can all live without, but the weird DUI fact is that alcohol in our blood gives the little buggy pests a scented target that is irresistible. When we drink, we sweat a bit more. We smell a little differently. Our core temperature also rises. All of those factors are attractive to mosquitoes, more than we may realize (because we are intoxicated), and all of those factors are also obvious signs that we are not safe to drive.

Remember that mosquitoes can also carry diseases. Another reason to keep a sober mind, or at least stay at home if you’ll be drinking.

Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the measurement used by law enforcement to determine if a person is legally intoxicated. It is also what causes mosquitos to keep bugging us for sample after sample of those shots we just shared.

Perhaps the next time you are enjoying those drinks with friends, notice who is swatting away the mosquitoes. If that person is you, then make a plan for a safe ride home. Not only are you avoiding the dangers of a DUI and the consequences for drunk driving (like an ignition interlock device), but you are also keeping the mosquitos from buzzing while… Buzzed.

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