Maintaining your Ignition Interlock Device

ignition interlock technologyKeeping square with the terms of a drunk driving conviction can be challenging at times, considering the financial burden and court requirements for treatment programs, community service or your ignition interlock device. But, without following those terms to the letter, you are risking even harsher penalties, and obviously, you want to get on with your life as soon as possible. Maintaining your ignition interlock device is a big part of fulfilling your obligations to the court and/or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), but, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, it is a pretty simple process, especially considering the alternatives.

Once your ignition interlock device is installed, a technician will show you how to operate it correctly. The testing process is important for you to understand, of course, but, you should also make sure you can explain how to use the IID to others, in case someone has to borrow your car. Your technician will also help you set up a schedule to bring your vehicle (and the ignition interlock device) back to for its regular service and to send off a report to the court or DMV. If all is well, you should be back on the road pretty quickly. Just make sure that you ask any questions that have come up or report any problems with the device.

The truth is that the only maintenance you are responsible for is making sure you attend each ignition interlock service appointment that is scheduled. IID service providers and technicians are specially trained to make sure your device is in working order, and to transmit the required reports and information for you. As long as you continue to drive responsibly and keep regularly assuring the court or DMV of your commitment to sober driving, the time with your ignition interlock device will go quickly and before you know it, your last ignition interlock appointment will be its removal from your car.



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