Maryland: Ignition Interlock Violation for NOT Driving Enough?

There is a difference in a person who willingly takes on responsibility for their actions, and those who keep trying to find a way to skirt the law. When you have an ignition interlock device (IID) requirement as a result of your Maryland DUI, you may be worried that even a sip of beer could be a violation of the program. You’re probably careful only to drive when you have to, regardless of if you’ve been drinking. However, Maryland could find you non-compliant with the ignition interlock requirement if you aren’t driving enough.

Car or BikeIn fact, Maryland expects you to continue driving when you have an ignition interlock. The devices are highly dependable, and when you start your IID-equipped car, the state knows you’re sober. The flip side of that is that if you’re not registering enough “starts” of your car, it is implies that you could be driving a different vehicle without an ignition interlock installed. Your transportation needs didn’t suddenly disappear, and unless you’ve started carpooling, or your vehicle has mechanical problems, it may be believed that you are driving illegally… and possibly while under the influence of alcohol again.

Driving illegally in Maryland will only increase your penalties for your DUI, especially if you are caught drinking and driving again. The safe, responsible choice is to understand that you’ve been handed back the privilege to drive again and that your ignition interlock is the tool that made it happen. When you drive your car, you are not only showing everyone that you are sober, but that you appreciate the consideration given to you with the ignition interlock device requirement. Avoiding a “low starts” ignition interlock violation is as easy as humming into your device and getting back on the road to recovery, which is the entire reason you have an ignition interlock to begin with.

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