Tampering With a Mississippi Ignition Interlock Means Trouble

Mississippi ignition interlock tamperingAfter a Mississippi DUI, you will have an ignition interlock requirement. You may not see how the device is a powerful tool to help get your life back together, but it definitely allows you to retain much of your freedom and independence. For some, there is still lingering frustration with the requirement, or even just the process of using a Mississippi ignition interlock device. That frustration may lead to trying to tamper with the device or circumvent the process, a road that is just going to increase the overall frustration felt with an interlock.

A Mississippi ignition interlock device stores data that you may not even consider. Primarily, interlock devices measure and store information about your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). They also record information about how many times you tried to start your car, or attempted to start your car. How long you drove each time, the mileage and any information from your rolling retests. Attempts to tamper with the device are also recorded, and all of that data is sent to MASEP and/or the court.

If you are found guilty of tampering with the device or trying to circumvent the device will face the following penalties:

(ii) A violation of this paragraph (e) is a misdemeanor and upon conviction the violator shall be fined an amount not less than Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($ 250.00) nor more than One Thousand Dollars ($ 1,000.00) or imprisoned for not more than one (1) year, or both.

The cost of a DUI is more than a Mississippi ignition interlock and some court costs and fines. Life changes after a DUI, and it can be a difficult road to recovery. As long as you use your interlock as instructed and pledge to only drive if you are sober, you have the best tools in your back pocket to move past your conviction and back into your best life ever.

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