Just Go Home: West Virginia Hardcore DUI Drivers

West Virginia hardcore DUI

“Go big or go home” should never be part of any drunk driving incident, but between binge drinking and people not understanding blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits, hardcore DUI is a reality in our world. West Virginia hardcore DUI offenders are expected to have a much tougher time moving past their drunk driving conviction, and considering the statistical danger of high, hardcore DUI drivers, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned.

A West Virginia hardcore DUI driver is defined as:

  • Having a high BAC at the time of arrest, and/or;
  • Having multiple DUI offenses within the 10-year lookback period.

Those don’t necessarily apply to all offenders, but they are considered red flags for the West Virginia hardcore DUI designation. The final piece of the puzzle is how resistant to rehabilitation the offenders are. If a person with multiple DUIs is willing to accept treatment for a possible alcohol dependence, they may not end up with the hardcore DUI designation.

For those who are designated as hardcore DUI drivers, the regular legal consequences will apply. On top of those, offenders will be assessed for alcohol treatment and be placed in a program as indicated by the test. There will be more strict ignition interlock requirements, possible incarceration for any violations of the program and home monitoring of alcohol use could be a measurement, too.

If your plans include binge drinking or any type of drinking at all, you may want to add a safe ride home into that plan. West Virginia hardcore DUI drivers are given an even more comprehensive road to recovery than any other drunk drivers. Considering that even a “simple” DUI in the state results in court costs, fines, an ignition interlock requirement and more, the investment you’ll be forced to make after a DUI is a lot more hardcore than you may realize. Go big or go home, but be safe about it, and stay out of drunk driving danger.

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