Weird Things DUI: Drinking Beer from a Straw

drinking beer from a strawGetting drunk or getting wasted, is one of those hobbies people seem to swear by, and eventually swear off. Weekend warriors, binge drinkers, mom’s night out – all of these have one thing in common: getting completely intoxicated as quickly as possible. There are plenty of methods people use to achieve that goal, many of which land a person in the emergency room, jail or in a state of disbelief. For instance, drinking beer from a straw, or as we like to call it, the personal DUI vacuum.

Actually, drinking beer from a straw is a lie, if you’re trying to get super wasted this weekend. There are theories about why it is supposed to work like we can somehow drink more alcohol at a faster pace through a plastic tube. That’s not true. Some say it is the actual vacuum effect that eliminates oxygen in the process of drinking… but we get a little lost there. Then there’s the idea that you can inhale residual alcohol vapors easier through a straw. However, the only part of drinking beer with a straw that will get you more intoxicated is probably the effect of the bubbles in the brew. That’s all.

In these moments of beer-drinking wonder, nobody points out that you can drink a cocktail with or without a straw and still maintain the same level of intoxication.

Remember that plans to get drunk or wasted can quickly end up in an unplanned DUI and possible ignition interlock requirement. People may do a lot of weird things in the quest for a little relaxation after a long day, but that doesn’t mean you should forget the dangers of drunk driving while sipping through a straw. Each year, over 14,000 people are killed by drunk drivers on our roads, and that doesn’t include victims that are injured for life or any property damage. Considering the dangers of too much alcohol, whether a DUI, alcohol poisoning or other related crimes, searching for a better, faster way to get wasted is a vacuum of common sense.

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