The Morning After Drinking

Female Alcoholic DependenceFor anyone who has experienced a painful hangover after a night of drinking, there is little doubt that alcohol can have a dismal effect on the body. Unfortunately, not everyone wakes up with a headache the morning after drinking, or can spend the day in bed recovering from too many martinis. There are two dangers that can happen after that last sip of alcohol, each of which can cause a person to wind up with a DUI or DWI charge, or worse.

A recent study from the UK and Netherlands shows that even after there is no trace of alcohol left in the bloodstream, a person is still under the “influence” of any alcohol that had been previously consumed. The “hangover effect” may be evident to anyone who has experienced a more sluggish mind or problems with vision and reaction time, but, many do not understand that it can be just as dangerous to drive with a hangover as it is with any alcohol still in the blood. Much like any other type of impaired driving, such as driving while texting or drowsy, driving with a hangover can cause many more headaches than the one woken up with.

The other “morning after” problem with drinking is that many times, people begin to drive home from bars and parties in the early morning hours. Statistics show that there are more drunk drivers on the road after midnight, leading to more potential for accidents, injuries and fatalities than any other time during the day.  Not only are drivers more likely to have had a few drinks, but, many believe that by driving at this time, there is less chance of being stopped by police or law enforcement. Playing the odds and making the choice to drive the next morning after drinking can ultimately lead to more disastrous consequences than calling a taxi or asking a friend for a ride home.

The morning after drinking can be a regrettable time, for many reasons, but, especially when it comes to the ability to operate a vehicle safely. By keeping the safety of ourselves and others in mind, drinking responsibly and knowing the dangers of driving while impaired, we are all sure to start the morning with optimism, hope and a new day before us.

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