New Mexico Ignition Interlock Indigent Fund

New Mexico ignition interlock indigent fundNew Mexico ignition interlock policy says that for anyone who is convicted of a DWI, there is an ignition interlock requirement of at least six months. That policy has been used as a model for many other states in the U.S., simplifying the process of getting interlocks into vehicles. Unfortunately, New Mexico also has a problem with offenders actually installing the devices, leaving too much wiggle room for further incidents. If money is a problem and you need a New Mexico ignition interlock device, the state has a program for you, too.

With any criminal conviction, there are always court costs and fines to pay. For a DWI, you also have DMV-related assessments to take care of. For many, all of those costs are unfathomable, but driving is necessary to keep a job or make it to court or other important meetings. If you cannot afford a New Mexico ignition interlock, then you can qualify for the New Mexico ignition interlock fund to cut costs.

Without a New Mexico ignition interlock device, it becomes much more difficult to maintain employment or even make it to DWI court. Either you have to rely on others for a ride to those appointments or take a risk by driving illegally. Driving illegally may seem like your only choice, but if you are caught, you could not only lose your access to an ignition interlock device, but you’ll have even more money, time and stress ahead of you.

With the New Mexico ignition interlock indigent fund, there is a larger chance for success in recovery from a DWI. We all make mistakes, and it is our actions after those mistakes that can make all the difference in the world. Money shouldn’t stop you from regaining your freedom after a DWI, and New Mexico is ready to help you get back to where you were before you even had to think about a DWI conviction.

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