New Mexico’s Top 10 DWI Offenders

Top 10 DWI New MexicoNew Mexico’s unique commitment to drunk drivers continues to shine as an example of a state that is ready to end DWI, perhaps forever. In recent history, the state has employed MADD to live tweet the names of DWI offenders as they’re convicted in court. Ignition interlock devices were first required for all offenders in New Mexico. Vehicles driven in the course of a DWI can be immobilized or impounded, and some DWI offenders even lose their ability to purchase or consume ANY alcohol. The state has a solution for any and all DWI offenders.

That includes a Top 10 DWI offender list that is regularly in the public eye. Most of those headlines you read about the drunk driver with more than one offense are eligible for Top 10 DWI status in New Mexico, but it is the extreme offenders who usually make the list. Those with multiple DWI offenses and those with aggravating circumstances surrounded any number of those DWI offenses are on the list. Considering that anyone on that list is not only avoiding another round in court with a judge, but that they’re obviously driving illegally without an ignition interlock, it’s one of those “15 minutes of fame situations” to avoid.

Hopefully, nobody is really worried about making this list, as it takes a lot of time and effort to be just that bad at remaining sober while driving. It is a cautionary effort for those who think that a DWI is no big deal and easy to get away with in New Mexico. Obviously, the state takes each and every drunk driving case seriously and isn’t about to let you slip through the cracks if you try to get away with such a risky ride home. Stay sober and look for more positive and safe ways to ensure your 15 minutes of fame.

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