New York Woman Drives into Husband, Gets DWI

Alcohol, anger and driving do not mixDomestic violence and alcohol are common companions, unfortunately. An intoxicated person loses judgment and can be angry or violent, leading into a situation that is dangerous and deadly. Add in a vehicle being driven by an intoxicated person, and there’s no telling what could happen. A woman in New York was recently arrested and charged for driving a vehicle while intoxicated into her garage, where her husband was, causing injury to him and a felony charge for her on top of a DWI. The husband is alive, the wife is alive, and their relationship has likely changed forever.

Assault during a DWI is a common “aggravating circumstance” that increases penalties for the offender. It shows the court that not only was the person making a bad choice to drink and drive, they were out of control in more ways than just alcohol intoxication.  In this case, the woman will likely face plenty of court costs, fines and penalties for the DWI, including an ignition interlock requirement. With the assault charge, she could end up losing more freedom due to the felony classification – a much bigger problem than a DWI or simply choosing to stay away from alcohol, and her husband, entirely.

Relationships are difficult at times. Life can throw curveballs we weren’t expecting, and sometimes, alcohol seems like a great answer to a very bad day. But, when you’re drinking, you’re not only not supposed to drive; you probably shouldn’t drive your vehicle into your spouse, either. Nobody expects a DWI to happen, no more than the shock of an intoxicated spouse driving at you in anger. Choosing to safely drive isn’t a tough decision, and in the end, walking away from any choice to drink and drive or harm another person is always the best, safest choice.

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