Why Am I Not Eligible for a Missouri Ignition Interlock Device?

Missouri police officer checking for LDP & DWIThere are few people who glamorize the addition of an ignition interlock in their vehicle. These devices aren’t seen as status symbols or anything to brag about. They clearly indicate that the driver has been convicted of a DWI or other drunk driving charge, a choice that most people regret and don’t want to be reminded of. However, as frustrating as an ignition interlock can be for a DWI offender, it can be even more frustrating to find out that you don’t even qualify for the device because you’re not legally allowed to drive even with a device installed.

In Missouri, an ignition interlock device is needed in order to restore limited driving privilege (LDP) after a second or any subsequent DWI offenses. But, it isn’t just the ignition interlock device that gets a DWI offender back on the road. You could be denied your LDP for several reasons, including:

  • You haven’t served enough time in your administrative or judicial license suspension after your DWI.
  • You have more drunk driving or driving under the influence of a controlled substance charge.
  • You haven’t paid fines or fees associated with your DWI.
  • You haven’t fulfilled other requirements of your reinstatement as directed by the court, such as completing a substance abuse treatment program.

If you do not meet the qualifications for a LDP license, you cannot drive legally in Missouri or any other state. Be sure to check with your ignition interlock service provider to verify that you have fulfilled all of those requirements before you apply for your LDP license. Once you go through all of the steps to regain your ability to drive, you can be assured of the freedom promised by an ignition interlock installation on your vehicle, or any that you drive.

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