NYC DWI Files: Blizzards and Booze Don’t Mix

Snow Day DWI - the NYC Blizzard BuzzSome drivers make it look easy as they thrash about in the snow, spinning tires and showing off their amazing four-wheel drive mastery. Then, there are drivers who are being coaxed into that same driving style, through a set of beer goggles. The snow that recently hit the east coast was pretty, and most of us stayed inside where it was safe. But, there is always that person who thinks they’re “okay to drive,” under ideal weather conditions. Then, there’s the guy who drove recklessly through the blizzard in New York City, and is now facing DWI charges.

We’re not going to say the man was drunk, or even reckless. The report says all that can be said until he gets his day in court. We can, however, mention that snow makes driving a little difficult. Over two feet of snow is really hard to drive in… and when we’ve had a few drinks, we are certainly in no condition to be driving at all.

Aside from common sense, here’s why blizzards and booze don’t mix in New York (or anywhere, really):

  • In New York, if you are convicted of DWI, you are expected to install and maintain an ignition interlock device.
  • If you refuse chemical testing, like the police breathalyzer test, you will immediately lose your license and have to wait until you get into court to try to have it restored.
  • A first-offense DWI carries fines up to $1,000, a six-month license suspension and up to a year in jail.
  • You could also face additional charges, like reckless driving.

Considering that you are keeping first-responders from doing their jobs in emergency events like a blizzard, the time to reconsider a “need” to drive in a blizzard happens way before you get into your vehicle.  Snow is beautiful to look at, and you can safely watch it pile up from your own house while enjoying a few beers. Just be sure that when the blizzard hits, you have everything you need to keep yourself from driving straight into a DWI.

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