A DelMarVa Ignition Interlock Kerfuffle

Ignition interlock devices in the DelMarVa area When you have to travel across state lines on a regular basis for work or other obligations, you have no choice but to learn the laws of both lands. In some cases, you have to learn the laws of more than two lands, like in the “DelMarVa” region of the east coast. DelMarVa is the area where Delaware, Maryland and Virginia meet, forming both a peninsula and unique, tri-state problems when you have a DUI.

Both Delaware and Virginia have all-offender ignition interlock requirements for drunk drivers, but Maryland does not require the device unless the conviction was the result of a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or other aggravating circumstances. That means:

  • If you live in Maryland, but were convicted of a DUI in Virginia or Delaware, you will have to install and maintain an ignition interlock device.
  • If you live in Virginia or Delaware and were convicted of a DUI in Maryland, you may not have an ignition interlock requirement.
  • At the end of the day, if you live in DelMarVa, you will want to discuss your options with an ignition interlock provider who understands the different requirements and laws in each state and how they affect your conviction.

Even Delaware and Virginia have a different take on the ignition interlock requirement. All DUI offenders in both states must install and maintain the device, but Virginia has a six-month requirement, while Delaware mandates the device for 12 months, after completing a two-month suspension.

Now, when you squish all of that into a little peninsula that also invites plenty of tourists to enjoy the beach and bar life… the problems just get worse.

DelMarVa’s DUI kerfuffle is fixable, especially if Maryland gets on board with an all-offender ignition interlock requirement for the state’s DUI offenders. At least with similar ignition interlock policies, that region will have a strong, united front against all drunk drivers, an important stance to take that saves lives.

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