Oklahoma Implied Consent and Your New Ignition Interlock Device

oklahoma implied consentIn the past few years Oklahoma has been cracking down on drunk drivers with more restrictive laws than ever. The state recently passed an all-offender ignition interlock policy for drunk drivers that includes even those offenders that are just over the .08 limit for intoxication. For a DUI suspect to even know what their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is, they have to provide a breath sample to law enforcement. That’s where things get tricky, because if a suspect refuses the test, they are in violation of the Oklahoma implied consent laws. With that violation, the suspect will experience those tough DUI laws first-hand.

Oklahoma implied consent laws are policies that you agreed to follow when you applied for your license. When you signed the document, you also gave your consent for your BAC to be tested if a police officer believes you are intoxicated behind the wheel. If you refuse the test, your license is immediately revoked for at least six months. After that you will only be able to drive if you have an ignition interlock device.

If you willingly submit a BAC sample and you are over the limit, your license is immediately suspended and you will have the same ignition interlock requirement. Oklahoma implied consent laws do not offer a choice, but they do offer others on the road the assurance that a drunk driver will be dealt with quickly.

Oklahoma is sending a message to anyone who feels they are “okay to drive,” that there is nothing okay about driving under the influence of alcohol. No refusals of BAC testing will be tolerated. Instead, any suspect or convicted offender can pretty much count on encountering fines, possible jail time, an ignition interlock requirement, and a first-hand understanding of the benefits of staying sober behind the wheel.

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