Why Do People Drink and Drive?

Drinking and Driving ExcuseClosing time at your favorite bar is approaching, and you’ve seen a few people who are obviously intoxicated grab their “last call” and start getting ready to go home. As they begin to filter out through the door, you see a taxi waiting and a woman on her phone, calling a friend to pick her up. You’re impressed that these same people you were just talking to have found safe rides home and that they planned ahead of time to not drink and drive. Then, you’re faced with how you are going to get home after you’ve been drinking.

Your car is probably waiting in the parking lot, not too far away. You could easily walk out and get behind the wheel and drive home. After all, tomorrow, you wouldn’t have to return to the parking lot and pick up your car, pay for a taxi to bring you there, or ask a friend for a lift. Maybe you feel “ok” to drive, even though you just watched those other people stumble slightly as they left, or you think you’ll just be extra careful while you’re driving home. In a nutshell, the alcohol you’ve been drinking has left you with the impression that you’re not as drunk as you really are… and if you can’t do the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) math in your head, you could be dead wrong.

It may be embarrassing to find a safe way home after a night of drinking, but, it will save your life and the lives of others. In fact, it is a lot less embarrassing to bum a ride than to call a friend for bail money, or worse. The problems you face, like an ignition interlock requirement, jail time and high fines are much worse than playing it safe and being responsible when drinking.

If you ask a convicted drunk driver why they chose to drink and drive, you may hear many excuses for that action. Those excuses could be the very same reasons you tell yourself it is okay to drink and drive. Either way, there is no good reason for drinking and driving, and plenty good reasons to find a safe, sober way home.

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