The Problem with Happy Drinkers is Drunk Drivers

Happy drinkers and drunk driversThe evidence is in, and no matter on which side of the booze wars you sit, you cannot escape the fact that drinking makes people happy. At least, the 2 million people who responded to a recent survey were happily rating their sunny moods while drinking alcohol. That doesn’t surprise anyone. Even when you look at a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) chart, right around .04 percent is when euphoria begins, as well as the possibility of drunk drivers on the road.

Being happy when drinking can quickly to more drinking, because people want to get happy and STAY happy. Plus, we can all drink alcohol a lot faster than we can metabolize it. So our happy, euphoric selves lose sensible judgment because we feel good from the alcohol – and we think we’re okay to drink more. At that point, we may even become drunk drivers because we feel too good to really understand we are intoxicated.

If you’re at the point where you’re feeling so good that you’re talking to more people, out on the dance floor and just acting like a much happier version of yourself, you should probably check in with yourself before you order another drink. According to experts, at a .06 percent “buzzed” BAC (the level many states consider “Driving While Ability Impaired” or DWAI), you’re on the road to becoming a drunk driver. With just one more drink and your BAC is beyond buzzed and your next move could be the beginning of a very unhappy future.

Drinking can make people happy, of course. That’s why alcohol is part of celebrations, or why “happy hour” is such a part of our culture. But when those awesome feelings lead to irresponsible decisions and risky driving, it is time to see how unhappy life is with a drunk driving conviction, ignition interlock requirement and other consequences. Those same 2 million survey respondents probably had a safe way home, without fear of their own happiness clouding their judgment and stealing their sunshine.

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