Purchase Power: Your Ignition Interlock

Lease an ignition interlockWe all want the “best bang for the buck” in life. Things are expensive, and having a little extra cash is always a good thing. Oddly, that same concept is true for an ignition interlock, and when there’s a requirement for the device after a drunk driving conviction, it might seem a great idea to just go ahead and purchase the interlock. That way, those monthly fees aren’t a factor, and the requirement can seem less frustrating and more of an investment in sobriety.

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase an ignition interlock and be assured you are completely fulfilling your court-ordered requirement.

Ignition interlock service providers lease the devices to offenders and to private parties as part of the reliability of the devices. Each month, that monthly fee goes to the calibration, maintenance and data transfer required by the court (or, for your own personal knowledge if the device isn’t court mandated). If you purchase an ignition interlock device, you could see those periodic appointments as less important, and your interlock, vehicle and the satisfaction of your drunk driving conviction requirements could suffer.

Most states have an approved list of ignition interlock service providers who lease the devices and provide all of the service and maintenance required to keep you on the road, while keeping others safe from an intoxicated driver. With the purchase of an interlock, you aren’t guaranteed that you’re getting the best technology “bang for your buck” or that you are using a device that the court considers reliable. All of that can lead into a bigger mess and more costs in the long run… a chance that isn’t worth taking once you’ve gotten through the worst part of your conviction. Instead, be sure you use a service provider who works with your state reporting agency and one that is trusted across the country.

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