Safety Tips for Super Bowl Parties


Whether you are a fan of football, or just like the commercials and halftime show, the season for Super Bowl parties is imminent. Notorious for the presence of food and beverages of all types, as well as an excitement level that only gets stronger though these final weeks, a good Super Bowl party host should always remember that in planning a Super Bowl party, it is smart plan for the safety and sobriety of any guests who may be driving home after the game.

Always be sure to watch how much alcohol your guests are drinking, especially on Super Bowl Sunday, and be ready to offer a sober ride home, ask a friend to be a designated driver, or have numbers for a taxi service handy. Offer to drive your guest’s car back to his or her house, as well, as that is a common reason people refuse to be driven home after drinking.

Provide plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages for guests, allowing them the choice to drink responsibly or fill up on food, rather than drinks with alcohol. A festive party does not have to include large amounts of alcohol, and encourage people to drink responsibly so everyone remembers the evening and gets home safely.

Hosts should always encourage responsible drinking behaviors. Guests will take notice and model their own drinking behavior after yours. Also, be sure that if you do serve alcohol, it is not served to anyone under the age of 21.

This year’s Super Bowl game promises to be the best game yet, and by being a responsible host, you are ensuring your guests, their family and friends will all enjoy the event and not experience a tragedy. The excitement of the game should be enough to keep the party going, while an accident, injury or death attributed to too much celebration will be a mistake everyone remembers.

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