Celebrating Designated Drivers

celebrate designated driverA person dies every 48 minutes due to drunk driving, making the problem of intoxicated drivers a serious health and safety concern across the country. Nothing may kill the fun of a party with friends where the alcohol is flowing and the night seems endless as a sober, designated driver, but it is these heroes that help save lives each day.

Designated drivers are one of the best resources when it comes to reducing the rates of alcohol-related traffic injuries and deaths. By staying sober, these women and men are not only helping friends and acquaintances find a safe way home, but, they are also protecting other innocent drivers on the road. Aside from being the unsung hero of the party, a designated driver also has a few other great claims to fame:

Designated drivers remember everything. From the first meeting with a potential new romantic interest to the funny sight of a friend trying to unsuccessfully tie his or her shoes, the designated driver is the history keeper of the epic party or unforgettable night on the town.

Hangovers are impossible. The pounding head, sour stomach or questions about activities from the night before will not plague the designated driver the next day. Plus, the designated driver gets the bonus of suggesting foods, playing loud music or ribbing friends over what they did the night before.

Freedom to bail on a party. If a party is dead or a bar erupts in a free-for-all fight, the designated driver has the ability to quickly leave, no matter the problem. The designated driver may be responsible for buzzed or drunk friends, but, there is power in sobriety.

Worship by many. The designated driver not only serves as a safe ride home for people who have been drinking, but, she or he can also stop a person from doing other “out of character” actions. This superpower can save the reputation and conscience of partygoers, thus promoting the designated driver into an elite status amongst friends and other onlookers.

Exclusive club membership. Ok, not really, but, being a designated driver is an amazing gift to your friends and others on the road. By volunteering to be a designated driver, you are showing how much you care about the safety of everyone who could potentially injured or killed due to a person having “one too many.” That’s a pretty great thing.

Designated drivers, among other things, reduce the chances of a person making a bad choice and potentially being stopped, arrested and charged with a DUI or DWI. This service to the public helps saves lives and stops the possibility of a person facing jail time, license suspension, fines and the installation of an ignition interlock. To all of the designated drivers out there, we salute you, and appreciate your service to the community!

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