The Solution to Stopping Habitual Drunk Drivers is Within Reach

Stopping habitual drunk driversIf you’ve ever been intoxicated, or even just a bit “buzzed,” you probably remember that your judgement was a bit… compromised. For some, that can lead straight into drunk driving, a crime that is preventable by having a plan in place before drinking. However, when alcohol regularly compromises a person’s judgement, those plans fly out the window and habitual drunk drivers  become headlines. Even with tough laws, people are still drinking and driving and racking up multiple offenses as habitual drink drivers. So what’s the best solution to stopping this dangerous practice?

  • Suspending or revoking a driver’s license: This can work, but it is pretty common for some offenders to drive illegally. If you imagine how easy it is to make that choice after drinking, you can see how that’s not the best solution.
  • Immobilizing or impounding a vehicle. Without a vehicle, a person may not be able to drive their own car while intoxicated. That doesn’t stop the offender from driving anyone else’s vehicle, however.
  • Taking away the alcohol. Either by banning an offender from purchasing alcohol or through “24/7 sobriety” programs, a person has less chances of drinking. But, they can still manage to sidestep those efforts, and get behind the wheel while intoxicated.
  • Substance abuse evaluations and treatment. Many people with multiple drunk driving offenses can successfully change behavior through therapy over time.
  • Car breathalyzer or ignition interlock devices. Perhaps the best, most immediate solution that provides a way to change behavior, while allowing a positive and productive life to continue.

Finding a solution to stopping habitual drunk drivers really begins the first time they are convicted of the crime. On average, a first time DUI offender has already driven under the influence 80 times previously, so there’s no reason to allow a second chance at being a risk on the road or a headline horror story. Ignition interlock devices may not always be the preferred way to stop drunk driving, but they definitely keep questionable decisions out of the driver’s seat.

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