Spoiler Alert: Drinking During a DUI Stop Won’t Drop the Charges

ignition interlockThere are countless ways people think they can get out of a drunk driving charge, especially when they are intoxicated. Most of the time, these methods border on the absurd, especially to the rest of the sober world. However, rational thought can be hard when a person has been drinking and driving. The fear of a drunk driving conviction, ignition interlock installation, jail time or other consequences may lead an intoxicated person to desperate measures… or even to drink another beer during his arrest.

A man in Florida was reported to do just that; after an accident where he was suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) the man purchased a beer from a nearby store and started drinking it while the officer investigated the accident. Some believe that by drinking before a breathalyzer test, the results will be skewed and the test will be inadmissible in court. While this is an uncommon tactic for beating a DUI charge, there have been other reported incidents. However, drinking during a DUI traffic stop will not confuse a breathalyzer, just like drinking before an ignition interlock test will not cause an unreliable result. The outcome in each situation will be the same: you will be considered drunk.

In the case of the DUI traffic stop in Florida, and in many other states, if you are behaving like you are drunk, that is enough cause to request a blood or urine test after you have been arrested. So, while you may have wanted to beat the breathalyzer test, you won’t like the result of your actions once you’re at the police station. Plus, you could face open container charges, public intoxication, and more.

In Florida, a DUI will result in several consequences including fines and court costs, an ignition interlock on your car and more. Instead of drinking another beer to fool a breathalyzer test and possibly getting charged with more crimes, just don’t drink and drive.


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